Friday, June 24, 2011

An Abramovitz Adventure

This past week my parents visited Northern Ireland for the first time. Not only was it their first trip to Jonny's homeland, but it was actually their first trip abroad. Along with my mom and dad, my aunt, uncle, and grandmother came along. It was great to see them and good for them to experience life outside of America. My dad saw an ocean for the first time while he was here, he even drove a Mercedes right onto the beach and did doughnuts in the sand. Here are some pictures from their visit last week.
At Giant's Causeway

Eating lunch under umbrellas to escape the rain
Matching rain coats on the Belfast Bus tour
Everyone in the dome overlooking Belfast @ Victoria Square

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Atkinson

On May 20th Jonny and I became husband and wife. It was a beautiful day (more details to come). Since then we've enjoyed a two week honeymoon in Crete where we soaked up a lot, I mean A LOT of sun. We are now visiting Jonny's parents in Northern Ireland for a few weeks before we return to real life in Louisville.

We'll be getting some wedding pictures soon from the very talented, Julia Black. You can find a sneak peek here,

In front of our hotel's infinity pool in Crete


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