Friday, March 22, 2013

due dates, schmoo dates

So Tuesday was the little man's estimated due date.
Good thing it's exactly that...
an estimate
I mean really? Who thinks they can use the same formula and apply it to every single pregnant woman, 
and it turn out to be true?
Some guy did.
I have issues with that guy.
Just kidding.
We've been taught in our Bradley Method classes that the average pregnancy for 
a first time mother is 41 weeks and 1 day.
That would bring us to this coming Wednesday, March 27th.

I had a Dr. appointment on Tuesday where I did a Non-Stress Test, 
really for peace of mind, 
because I hadn't noticed the little man moving as much anymore 
and they always say to let them know if there is a decrease in movement.
However, he passed with flying colors and the tech said he is "one happy baby!"

He really must be happy in there, 
so happy he doesn't want to come out!
We scheduled an appointment for Monday, where we will have to do another Non-Stress Test and an ultrasound. 
It's just standard procedure for those "overdue" 
to make sure the baby is still sustained by the amount of room/fluid he has in the womb.
Also, standard procedure is to induce at 42 weeks.
We are most definitely wanting to avoid chemical induction, 
so please pray with us that this little guy will come on his own, and soon!
Even before the Monday appointment would be great!

In the meantime, 
I will keep walking and reading.

I need a hobby.
My mother-in-law taught me to knit at Christmas, but I've already forgotten! 
I was so sure I'd have a baby to tend to by now,
but the Lord has other plans!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Any day now."

If I had a dollar for every time I was told that in the past few weeks!
People everywhere say it to me.
At work, at the grocery store, getting gas, on a date.
My favorite comment has got to be, 
"Whoa, that is a super pregnant lady!"
Yes, thanks for noticing.

39 weeks pregnant today and all we can do is wait.
It's nothing we have control over.
We wait, 
and wait
and wait.
Friday is my last day of work.
Part of me wants to make it until then and have a few days 
of rest and to get the house ready for his arrival.
But part of me just wants labor to come.
This pregnancy journey has been incredible. 
We praise God that our little guy has been healthy all along the way
(and me too)!
It's crazy to think I've been doing this since June.
And now we're so close to our prize.
Our bags are packed.
The car seat is installed.
Any day now we will finally meet him and our world will be changed forever.
On Saturday Jonny and I had just the loveliest day.
We planned to go for a walk in the park and then clean out the car and install the carseat.
But we ended up walking along a nearby street, 
window shopping and rummaging through flea markets
(my favorite).
Then we went out for what will most likely be our last dinner date as
just the two of us.
Last night we were reading from Richard Baxter's 'Christian Directory' and
he was imploring that husbands and wives should love and cherish
the company of one another over all other company.
It is a great blessing that we can say this rings true in our marriage!

I'm not sure what ends the newlywed stage of life... 
Your first anniversary? Your first child?
If it's either of those we're soon to be disqualified.
But we know that God has not called us to live for ourselves, 
but to give our lives for others. 
For each other.
For our children (however many we are given).
And for the world, 
that we might show the great love with which we have been loved by God.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

the waiting game

We're so close it's almost unbearable!
It's like looking forward to something you've heard is amazing
but never actually experienced for yourself.
So while you're excited, 
there's this huge unknown to it.
I remember the same feeling in the weeks leading up to our wedding.
Knowing that marriage was going to be a wonderfully good gift, 
and all the while knowing nothing about being married at all.
And on that note, 
I'm realizing that with each day we are one day closer to meeting the little man, 
but we are also one day closer to no longer being only the two of us.
So I want to cherish all the moments Jonny and I are given together as we finish this waiting game.


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