Monday, July 11, 2011

some summer.

It's time we share a glimpse of our summer. It's been a whirlwind: we were married, went to Crete on our 2 week honeymoon, then to N. Ireland for some quality time with Jonny's family. We left N. Ireland two weeks ago and headed to Missouri where we spent a week with my family, just in time for the 4th of July. Here's a photo recap.
A farewell lunch with Jonny's parents in Belfast, picture perfect!
LOTS of time in airports/airplanes on the way back to America
wedding presents waiting for us in Missouri
the CUTEST two girls waited patiently for us to get back so we could take them to the pool, Miranda braved the waterslide 4 times, what a trooper!

shaded from the sun for lunch... two years between them and they're practically the same size!
taking a break in the baby pool
a few days later we headed to the lake...
and let the wind blow through our hair on several boat rides and jet ski adventures
then we raced each other in go-karts
and we watched an extravagant fireworks display on the lakeside
For the actual 4th, we let the youngsters handle the firecrackers
"we shoot em' outta coke bottle round here." 
Miranda's first bite out of her hot dog...the wrong way as evidenced by the ketchup on her face
Emma looks like she's up to something.
she demolished 2 cobs of corn on Jonny's lap. (she has captured his heart)
And it wouldn't be 4th of July without watermelon

Now we're back in Louisville, getting settled and figuring out the ends & outs of married life. It's been a great start, we're both loving it and looking forward to all that is in store.

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