Monday, July 08, 2013

welcome to slober city: 3 months

These first three months with Owen
have been both the most
trying and rewarding time in my life. 
He is such a joy, the sparkle in
his eye and the spunk in his smile
make me forget about all the
hard work that goes into motherhood.

Some of Owen's favorite things in
his third month included:

Shoving all the fingers of one hand
plus one or two of the other hand
into his mouth.

He still loves his baths.
But he used to hate when it was over.
I think he was cold or something.
But now, he doesn't cry about it, just sucks on his hand
and everything is OK!

The tune of ABC's
 and TwinkleTwinkle Little Star.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider rhyme.

"Welcome to Slober City!"
I randomly said that one day as I was
wiping drool off his face,
he thought it was hilarious.

"Hi there!"
Say this to him and you'd get a big grin.

This month he became pretty talkative.
It started one day in the swing. 
We "cooed" back and forth to each other
for the longest time. 

There's this balloon that came with flowers that some friends of mine 
had delivered to the hospital when Owen was born.
Jonny tied it to Owen's crib and surprisingly it still floats.
Every night after his bath and fresh diaper is put on,
I pick him up from the changing table and he spots the balloon.
It must be the most interesting thing he has ever seen.
His eyes get so big and he flails his arms around and
purses his lips together to coo at the balloon. 
It's priceless.

He similarly is intrigued by his "Monkey Friend"as we call it.
It's the mirror that hangs on the backseat of the car facing him.
He has conversations with it and grins at it for most of the car ride.

He also has really enjoyed standing up and being held by his hands.
He probably prefers this to being held most of the time. 
Then he likes to lower into a sitting position, and then lay totally flat,
and then start all over again.
He pushes off with his feet when sitting, so that he's standing.
He is really strong!

We are reading one of two books with him every night at bedtime.
Thoughts That Make Your Heart Sing
(by Sally Lloyd Jones)
on nights when Jonny works late so its just me an Owen.
The Big Picture Story Bible
(by David Helm)
when Daddy's home to read with us.
Owen is fascinated with the pictures and watches eagerly.

He aggressively chews his hand and anything else he can reach with his mouth.
 He can be carried in the Moby without absolutely hating it.

 He got his first vaccines and didn't even cry.

It really is crazy how much they change in so little time.
We love our growing boy!


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