Thursday, December 12, 2013

eight months

Back in November, Owen hit 8 months.
He is now a wiz at crawling, standing, "walking" with the support of furniture
and picking up any speck of dirt ( left on my carpet.
(Which happens to be a lot, especially around the dinner table, 
especially around Owen's high chair.) 
I just got done picking up enough rice and broccoli to feed a second child.
More mobility has called for some changes around the house. 
Two baby gates were installed.
Plug-in covers have been placed.
And those handy gadgets that keep drawers and cabinets closed, 
Ya! Those are going on shortly.
We are trying our hardest to be consistent with discipline when he
reaches for something he shouldn't touch,
but there are times we just aren't looking and we don't want baby boy 
getting hurt if it can be avoided.

A great night for Owen is a waking around 2 or 3AM, 
a quick feed, 
and back to sleep until 6:20AM.

A bad night? Well I'll spare you the details. But its no fun for anyone.
But it is easier to handle now that we've moved into a bedroom.
Gone are the days of couch sleeping (October-November)
and air-mattress sleeping (November-December), 
Jonny and I are sleeping on our bed, in a bedroom. 
And it feels like a dream.
And I'm sleeping hard enough to actually dream which is the first time since way 
before Owen was born and I was uncomfortably carrying all 11 pounds of him in-utero.

One of the last not bitterly cold days in November we took Owen to the park.
He was his usual stoic self for most of it.

But we eventually got him to smile.
At the end of the month we went on a little mini-vacay to Nashville, IN.
Mini-vacays are a whole lot different with a baby in tow.
But we enjoyed ourselves.
All except when Santa got near. Owen doesn't like Santa we found out.

And when we came back home we got some snow.
It was one of the sweetest things ever to see Owen watching the snow fall with amazement.


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