Friday, January 03, 2014

9 months

9 months
21 pounds
29.5 inches
75th percentile for height and weight
"He's by no means skinny!" said the doctor.
(as indicated by the rolls in this picture)
Owen breastfeeds 5 times per day.
after first nap (between 10 and 11AM), 
after second nap (around 3PM), 
before bed at 7PM 
and once in the night between 2-3AM
He is eating three meals and a few snacks during the day. 
He also tried to eat a bandaid yesterday...sneaky guy.
By now he is an expert cruiser.
He walks with the help of a push cart that his grandparents gave him for Christmas.
He sometimes will stand unassisted for several seconds at a time.
His naps are good when things are consistent.
When we had Jonny's family here for a week, 
he didn't do so well with naps- 
he reverted to his old cat-napping ways!
He probably won't do well next week when we take a trip to see family either.

He's currently been asleep for nearly 2 hours
and it's wonderful.
Good naps are a kindness from the Lord to mommies!


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