Thursday, May 24, 2012


Which is, 'Good morning' in Greek.
I've been dreaming about Crete lately.
Probably because I can't believe it's been 
a year since we were on our honeymoon there.
Partially because I'm realizing more and more that
love to be near the ocean.
And Kentucky is pretty land-locked *just fyi*
And partially because, 
at the Farmer's Market on Saturday that we spotted a stall selling baklava.
(We ate a lot of baklava on our honeymoon.)
So we walked over to the stall only to discover that 
the family was selling all sorts of Greek goods!
And the man helping us definitely had the right accent.
So, I just asked, boldly, *because I'm not a fan of talking to strangers much*
"Are you from Greece?"
And can you guess what he said?
"I was born on the island of Crete."
He sure was! He sounded like every Cretan we had spoken with those two weeks.
So my heart drifted away to dreams of Elounda.
Which, is where that man actually lived some of his life.
It's a small world when you meet a man from Elounda, Crete
in a church parking lot of Louisville, Kentucky folks.
I so badly wanted to say "kalimera" to him
but there was never the right time. 
I did name drop 'Spinalonga' a small island that we visited just off the coast.
in hopes of some free baklava. *just kidding*
He let us know where his stall could be found every day of the week!
We'll be seeing him again.
Until then, I'll just be day dreaming of this, 

I'm banking on, if we live to be together for 50 years, 
Jonny will take me back there.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

how many shots does it take to get a smile?

More than I want to count.
Here's just a few examples from our hiking trip this weekend. 

But I can't say that much has changed since we met. 
One of our first times to hang out together,
we were on the metro in D.C. for the 4th of July. 
Everyone was snapping pictures of one another so I figured why not one with
this guy next to me.
I said, "smile"
and he said, 
"I don't do that unless somethings funny so you'll have to make me laugh."
I guess I just made a really dorky face but it worked!
Here's our first ever photo together.
Not so great, I know. 
But some pretty funny memories!

Monday, May 21, 2012

the first year.

It's hard to believe that a year ago today, 
Jonny and I were just landing in Northern Ireland
to spend a couple nights in his hometown before leaving
on our two-week honeymoon to Crete.
It's hard to believe that tomorrow marks a year since the 
tornado in Joplin that claimed the lives of
160+ people just hours after our last wedding
guests had left town.
It's hard to believe I've been a Mrs. now for one entire year.
To sum it all up, I'm only certain of one thing, 

I, on my own, am not capable of loving Jonny whole-heartedly, 
showing him respect, or giving him honor. 
He, on his own, is not capable of fulfilling my needs, 
making me happy, or loving me well. 
It is all grace, given by God.
If it were up to our strength, this marriage would falter. 
Not because we don't actually love each other. 
(I love him to pieces, promise. 
And it's safe to say he has a thing for me, too)
But because we are sinners.
We fall short, miss the mark.
And sin is never so evidently clear than when it is put on display 
for a spouse that sees you at your weakest moments.
So today, 366 days into this marriage, 
I give thanks to the God who has brought us together, 
and who will sustain our marriage, 
and put us on display for the sake of his glorious name!

Friday, May 18, 2012

the Atkinson's come to visit.

We have been enjoying the company of Jonny's parents 
and brother for the past week. 
They are leaving in the morning and we are sad to see them go! 
It was our first visit with Jonny's parents since we got married a year ago 
(a year ago, exactly in just 2 days!)

So we've done what we do best when visitor's come, taken them to
Though we are sad to see them leave tomorrow, 
we are happy knowing next month
they'll be moving to the states!!
Yay for Northwest Arkansas!
...conveniently located in the same neck of the woods 
as my parents, in Southwest Missouri.
I see a lot of roadtrips to the Ozarks in our future!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Jonny wants to know...

Why my earrings look like napkin holders.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

let's go to Ohio.

So my husband is officially twenty five as of yesterday.
He had to work last night so he came home at 10:45 to streamers
and a candle on top of a piece of cake, 
with a cream soda to boot!

 Then we watched a really cheesy movie that will go unnamed just in case anyone really loves it or something. We went to bed after 1am, which never happens. Usually, right after dinner, Jonny stands to take his plate to the sink and then sprawls out on the kitchen floor for a little nap. 
Like so,
[Yes, we have carpet in our kitchen. Which, is not ideal or wonderful or any good thing I can think of. But we have a kitchen and for that I am thankful.]

Lest you think that's all we did to celebrate Jonny's birthday,
 this past weekend we went to Ohio. 
I think it sounds cool to say Ohio because it's a different state
but actually it's only and hour and a half away to get to Cincinnati.
**Where I'm from, you have to drive that far to get to a mall.

Our first married getaway, almost a year into it.

My favorite part was Jungle Jim's International Food Market, we heard about it over a year ago and have been wanting to get there. Jonny was able to get lots of the British stuff he's been missing, as well as some stuff we wanted to try from other nations. 
This stuff put us a bit over our month's food budget, but the look on Jonny's face as we loaded it in the car is definitely worth it.

On Sunday, we had a little surprise party that Jonny was completely unaware of. Which is awesome because never once have I been able to keep a secret from him. 


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