Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the second year.

Monday was our 2nd wedding anniversary.
Year two was different than year one, but every bit as wonderful.
Here's a recap.
 We went to Tulsa for a beautiful wedding, 
found out we were expecting a baby, 
went to Northern Ireland for two weeks for another beautiful wedding, 
went camping at an awesome swimming hole, 
went to the lake with family for Labor day, 
told our family we were having a baby,
found out that our little baby was a boy, 
went to the Great Smokey Mountains, 
put our Christmas tree up on November 6th, 
I turned 24,
traveled to our Missouri/Arkansas for Thanksgiving, 
traveled to Missouri/Arkansas for Christmas, 
had two sweet baby showers, 
attended birthing classes, 
documented a BIG baby belly, 
made lots of smoothies, 
went for plenty of walks, 
Jonny started a new job,
Janaye stopped working,
we brought the sweet baby boy into the world on March 25, 
moved into a new apartment, 
Jonny turned 26.

Monday we went for a long walk and took some family pictures. 
In the evening Jonny and I went on a date, without Owen! 
It was our first time to be alone together in the eight weeks since Owen was born. 
It felt so weird to not have my baby in my arms or even in the same room. 
It was just what we needed, a yummy meal of sushi and then a slice of cheesecake.
The best part, of course was my date!
I felt like it was the summer of 2009 and Jonny and I were so young and so so in love!
Of course, we still are both of those things, but it was like it was happening all over again.
I have loved being married to this man.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

one month outtakes: the cuteness never ends

So I realize I still haven't posted Owen's birth story and he is over a month old.
36 hours okay! That's a looooong story to write.
Between nursing and putting our new apartment together, 
the story just hasn't made the cut.
But I will get to it.
I bought a baby book for him today.
Can't wait to start filling it out with Jonny.

I was taking weekly pictures of Owen, 
but now that he's over a month, I'll just take monthly pictures.

I used this one for his one month picture
But the outtakes were pretty adorable as well, see for yourself!

 Here we see grumpy Owen.
 Then contented Owen.
Then, "Oops I fell over, so I'll do a belly laugh" Owen
He is a precious, so so precious.


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