Tuesday, July 10, 2012

give me a break, in bangor.

On Saturday morning we are leaving Louisville and flying to Jonny's homeland.
Via a seven hour layover in Chicago,
 followed by a flight to Dublin, 
a bus to Belfast, 
and then to Bangor.
I normally don't look forward to the weather in N. Ireland, 
especially in the summer when you sorta expect it to be warm...
but it's not... and I usually need a jacket.
But this time it's different.
The heat in Louisville is killer, like outta-control, can't breathe, 
Don't get me wrong, I've dealt with some heat in my day.
I did move into my dorm freshman year of college, 
in 115 degree heat, 
in August, in Oklahoma. 
that. is. hot.
But what I'm feeling this summer is different. 
It zaps all my energy.
 I tell ya'.
All that to say, 
I eagerly welcome a break from this heat. 
Here are some pictures from past visits.

 And I plan on taking more this trip.
We are especially excited for the actual reason we're going, 
(no, not just to beat the heat)
to see our friends Clarky & Nicky get married!

Monday, July 02, 2012

to tulsa and back again.

So June has come and gone without a single blog post. What's up with that?
Life is what's up.
Jonny's dad and brother were here for a visit.
Then we left them here in Louisville to fend for themselves
(excellent hosts aren't we?)
while we drove 10 hours to good ol' Tulsa, Oklahoma
to see one of my great friends get married.
Jonny stayed with my parents in Missouri for a couple days and then joined me for the wedding.
To say I was excited to see my friends in Tulsa, would be a very sad understatement.
I had not seen them since our wedding over a year ago.
Reunited, at last.

And I can't forget this guy.
It was actually my first time to meet Vinny, in real life.
We've had several Skype dates though!
The long hot drive through the heart of America was all worth it, 
mostly because of this, 
She is just beaming with happiness. And we are thrilled for her. 
The next morning we said our goodbyes, 
not knowing when I'll see them again, but sure hoping they will road-trip-it to Kentucky soon.


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