Monday, July 07, 2014

big things and small things

Well, Owen turned 1 year! 

Also 13, 14 and 15 months. But who's counting?

Spring came and went. 

Jonny turned 27 and graduated with his M.Div. at SBTS.

We took a trip to Nashville to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary; Lots of touristy things happened there.

Now we're well into summer here in Kentucky. 

And we've spent several golden evenings grilling and eating together on our porch. 

Many hours have been spent poolside and kicking a ball around with Dad.

There are lots of new things on our horizon; 

A lot of unknowns.

A couple different job possibilities have been presented to Jonny.

We are excited to see what may unfold but are asking the Lord for contentment even 

if nothing were to change.

We started Foster Care training back in April.

Lord willing, we'll be done with training by the end of July.

There are still a few logistics to be completed, (home studies, background check)

 but in the meantime 

we are praying the Lord would prepare our hearts and minds as our family

 seeks to open our home and battle for the broken and vulnerable.

Please pray with us in the waiting.


Meanwhile, Owen hasn't let a week go by without growing a tooth!

Somedays aren't so bad, but...

some. days. are. rough.

His eating goes in spurts depending on the pain in his gums.

BUT* I cannot go without mentioning a huge grace from the Lord.

With as poor of a sleeper as Owen was in the beginning

(cough, cough, first 11 months of life, cough)

I had prepared myself that everything


would be a battle.

The beloved paci.

He's been sucking on one since about 3 weeks old.

Jonny and I have spent too many hours of our lives concerned with the whereabouts of pacis.

I've heard from friends of horrible attachment issues with pacis and

was bracing myself for the parting of the paci to be an issue.

But the Lord is kind.

A little over a month ago, Owen's teeth bothered him so bad that he did not want anything

in his mouth, including the beloved paci.

He had chewed a hole through it, I'm not sure if that made it lose it's suction,

but whatever the reason, he didn't want it anywhere near his mouth.

He held it in his hands for about two weeks during naps and at night.

But we haven't been able to find it and he hasn't missed it at all!

I'm kinda shocked that it wasn't a big deal.

But mostly thankful.


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