Thursday, August 25, 2011

the empty frame.

I'm going to have to interrupt the pattern of uploading bazillions of wedding photos to share a little story.
I'll explain the writing in the middle, just read further . . . and fyi the dresser is getting a makeover soon!
  About a month ago I acquired a fabulous, large, antique frame (feat. above) from a consignment furniture store, the same place we purchased our dining room table. Jonny was a bit reluctant to get it but I think he just liked the way my face lit up when I saw it, and trusted I would make great use of it. 
  Anyways, in the past month we've moved, started school and a job and pretty much lived in chaos (organized chaos though). And well, I just haven't had the light bulb go off in my head as to what to do with this frame yet. So, its been hanging on different walls for a while now just waiting for me to get creative!
  I came home last night to find out that Jonny also is ready for me to get creative. Now, he gave me plenty of warning, a fully understood that he did not have appreciation for the empty frame like I did. But this, this was an eye opener.

He always has used cartoons to speak to my heart:)
This one's gotta be my favorite. Seriously? He made Reviews!
Ah, life as Mrs. Atkinson, always full of surprises.

Now here's what creative juices are flowing in this head of mine,

a headboard like THIS ONE

I am open to suggestions people. I clearly need to take action soon.

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Leslie said...

i like the headboard idea, especially if ya'll don't have one! I also like when the "picture" within the frame doesn't necessarily fit the frame perfectly, the frame is part of the art, ya know? You could also get a piece of glass to fit the frame and tape bits a pieces of love letters between the two of you in there and put that above the bed. OR, I don't know how artistically inclined you are, you could paint something on the wall and frame it... I also know this really great photographer ;) who could probably find something to fit that frame ;) if you were willing to pay for the print....


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