Wednesday, August 03, 2011

We're Moving!

Yes, it's true. On August 15th we will be packing all of our belongings into a Uhaul and moving it a few miles down the road. We're moving right across the street from Jonny's seminary. I'm particularly thrilled because the apartment is adorable, complete with a clawfoot tub. Seriously.

However,  I did promise some pictures of our basement and better late than never...
This was after we purchased a 2nd and 3rd bookcase with wedding money.
This was before we purchased our awesome coffee table that will be making its debut in our new apartment.
The lovely fireplace that doesn't work but still looks cool. It's actually in the bedroom, (which should be the living room) the couch couldn't fit in through the door back in January when I moved here.

We have loved our times in this basement and the family that we've rented from. We're gonna miss many things about this place being the first "home" we had as a married couple but we are most definitely excited about this move. Like, really excited. If Jonny's sister and her husband weren't coming to visit this weekend, I'd be packing already.

In other news, I'm pretty certain I've landed a full-time job and Jonny and I are in love with a puppy named Samson.
And Samson loves us too.
We named him Samson because he was the only one of six of puppies that was brave enough to come out of their nest in the hay of my grandpa's barn to meet us. 

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