Monday, September 12, 2011

"meal of champions."

Last week we made a big purchase. 
I'm talking, REALLY big. Jonny's been missing what he has termed the "meal of champions" aka beans on toast. Now, I've hung around enough internationals in my day to realize that this is a common craving for some. The family I last lived with, who hail from New Zealand ate beans on toast a lot, they even ordered their beans in bulk from Amazon (pictured below), because its hard to find the right kind of beans in your average American grocer, without paying an extortionate price.

I have to admit, I do really like the color of the can. Who says a can of beans must be boring?
So maybe you're thinking we've done the same as our friends and bought Heinz beans in bulk? Well, thats not correct. Nope, instead we've gone out on a limb and tried an American classic version of beans. (When I say "we" don't actually think that I'm eating beans on toast . . . trust me, I am not partaking). I did however suggest to Jonny VanCamp's Pork and Beans.

I unashamedly loved these as a child and it looks like this guy did too, 
I just couldn't resist, gotta love vintage ads.
Jonny was easily persuaded to try my beloved childhood beans, so much so that he bought a massive 7lb 2oz can of them. All week they were sitting on our pantry shelf looking so out of place and seemed to stare at me while I tried to enjoy coffee or tea. Until today, when Jonny finally enjoyed his "meal of champions" for lunch. Too bad we have a very old, very dinky hand crank can-opener not made for the likes of this 7lb monster. 

Alas, he succeeded. 

Now, go ahead and laugh because yes, I just did an entire post about beans and yes, you just read an entire post about beans. Happy Monday!

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