Tuesday, September 20, 2011

true happiness.

"If you seek happiness, you will never find it; it will always elude you, it will always escape you. You will think you have captured it, but suddenly it is gone. Chasing it is like trying to catch a bubble--the moment you catch it, it has vanished, broken in your hands, and there is nothing left." 

Know this: "Happiness is always an indirect result. It is always a byproduct of something infinitely greater. "

Question: "If you say you want to be happy, the first question is WHY ARE YOU UNHAPPY?"

Answer: "Because life as it is in this world is evil. There is no hope for men and women until they are convicted of sin. The first thing a man or woman must get hold of is that as they are, they are wrong, and their whole world is wrong and evil and vile."

But, Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. 1 Timothy 1:15

That's us! (the wicked, wrong, vile, adulterous, selfish, proud, SINNERS) 

"Happiness is dependent on our relationship with God and HIS righteousness. 

Happiness is the blessedness of the knowledge of sins forgiven; the blessedness of knowing that everything that I did and said and thought in the past, that was unclean and unworthy and sinful, has been blotted out by God in His love because Christ died for me.

Oh, the blessedness of knowing that the past has been forgotten and will never be brought against me again! 
Oh, the wonders of God's forgiveness and pardon."

Think. . .

"Do you have this blessedness?
Do you know this happiness?
Do you delight in the Bible?
Do you delight in God?
Do you delight in the Lord Jesus Christ?
Do you delight in meditating about the joys and the glories of eternity?"

From 'The Search for Happiness, Psalm 1' by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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