Saturday, October 15, 2011

we like maps and the frazier museum.

 This afternoon we took a tour of the Frazier History Museum. We spent so much time on the first level we had to quickly go through the second in order to spend adequate time in the book store. Now when I say we, I really mean Jonny because he reads EVERYTHING at museums.

My favorite part of the museum were the many maps. I just love them! Particularly old ones, they have so much character. Jonny likes maps too but he likes the clean, precise ones.

Ya, anyways...the first thing you do at the Frazier History Museum is put your mark on their map. I proudly placed Pulaskifield and Jonny did the same for Bangor.

 If this map is correct, he is the first visitor from Northern Ireland.


 more map love.

 This guy, well, really I can't tell you anything about this guy. I just actually loved his facial expression.
Oh and I loved this guy too. Wait, I actually love him...Jonny got dressed in the garb of the American Civil War.
 He makes me smile. Real big. 
Happy Saturday!

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