Tuesday, May 01, 2012

let's go to Ohio.

So my husband is officially twenty five as of yesterday.
He had to work last night so he came home at 10:45 to streamers
and a candle on top of a piece of cake, 
with a cream soda to boot!

 Then we watched a really cheesy movie that will go unnamed just in case anyone really loves it or something. We went to bed after 1am, which never happens. Usually, right after dinner, Jonny stands to take his plate to the sink and then sprawls out on the kitchen floor for a little nap. 
Like so,
[Yes, we have carpet in our kitchen. Which, is not ideal or wonderful or any good thing I can think of. But we have a kitchen and for that I am thankful.]

Lest you think that's all we did to celebrate Jonny's birthday,
 this past weekend we went to Ohio. 
I think it sounds cool to say Ohio because it's a different state
but actually it's only and hour and a half away to get to Cincinnati.
**Where I'm from, you have to drive that far to get to a mall.

Our first married getaway, almost a year into it.

My favorite part was Jungle Jim's International Food Market, we heard about it over a year ago and have been wanting to get there. Jonny was able to get lots of the British stuff he's been missing, as well as some stuff we wanted to try from other nations. 
This stuff put us a bit over our month's food budget, but the look on Jonny's face as we loaded it in the car is definitely worth it.

On Sunday, we had a little surprise party that Jonny was completely unaware of. Which is awesome because never once have I been able to keep a secret from him. 

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This is so great!!


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