Thursday, May 02, 2013

one month outtakes: the cuteness never ends

So I realize I still haven't posted Owen's birth story and he is over a month old.
36 hours okay! That's a looooong story to write.
Between nursing and putting our new apartment together, 
the story just hasn't made the cut.
But I will get to it.
I bought a baby book for him today.
Can't wait to start filling it out with Jonny.

I was taking weekly pictures of Owen, 
but now that he's over a month, I'll just take monthly pictures.

I used this one for his one month picture
But the outtakes were pretty adorable as well, see for yourself!

 Here we see grumpy Owen.
 Then contented Owen.
Then, "Oops I fell over, so I'll do a belly laugh" Owen
He is a precious, so so precious.


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