Wednesday, February 26, 2014

eleven months

 Very hard to believe the picture below was taken just about a year ago.
Just looking at it makes me uncomfortable.
Pregnancy is a miracle.
I was carrying Owen around the seminary last week and I had a thought... 
He weighs maybe about 25 pounds (I'm guessing)
and I was getting pretty tired of carrying him, for how heavy he is.
Then I remembered that I was carrying nearly double that weight by the end of pregnancy.
See for yourself.
Thankfully, the weight loss that comes with breastfeeding is nothing short of a miracle either!
I weigh less now than what I did before Owen.
Different shape, though. 
But, tis life!

I'm feeling so nostalgic as of late realizing how quickly time is passing.
Like, whoa.
He's going to be 
I just can't even expound upon that.
Just, whoa.
This month has been different, so so different than all the rest.
What's the biggest change you ask?
We're sleeping through the night!
but he did it.
They told me this day would come.
And I'll admit it, I was skeptical.
But it's here.

Occasionally he demands some attention (milk) in the night but it's rare.

We have a fireball on our hands.
He is very observant, always watching.
But when he decides to do something, he does it with everything he has.
For example:
He's loved using his walker since he got it at Christmas, 
but now that he's gained confidence he tries to "walk" with everything.
Most recently, his high chair.
He gets behind it and pushes it all around with a big grin on his face.
Not walking solo yet. He's pretty scared to try.
We've been calling him "scaredy cat" lately.
If anything happens he's not expecting his eyes get big, 
eyebrows furrow and he lets out an exclamation like, "Oooh, Oooh!"

He's starting to show affection more.
Sometimes he'll cuddle with mommy and daddy now.
I've been waiting for this!
It may be teeth coming, but I am cherishing this time with him.
He's started to mellow down a bit.
Before, he would always fight tiredness at all cost.
Never give in to the urge to shut his eyes.
But now, he'll be playing and all the sudden just lay down for like 5 minutes for a rest.
Jonny even rocked him to sleep at church last Sunday for the first time since he was a newbie.
We're having food issues as of late.
Before he'd eat anything and everything in sight.
Like, he could put it down.
But he's not so interested these days and is wanting to nurse more often.
I don't want to force feed him if he's not hungry,
but the tantrums he throws are not okay.
It could be teeth coming (he still only has the 6).
As this is our first, Jonny and I are in uncharted territory everyday.
I need the reminder of God's lavish grace on me every hour 
to be able to parent Owen through the good times and the tough.

He's doing a new squishy face smile lately and we can't get enough of it.
Thankfully we caught it for his 11 month picture.
One more month until we are parents of a 1 year old.
How time flies.

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