Thursday, July 28, 2011

Certificate of Excellence

In elementary school we got certificates for everything. If you passed pre-school, you got a certificate. If you washed your hands after going to the bathroom, you probably got a certificate. If you could add, you probably got a certificate. 

When I think about it, its been several years since I've received a 'Certificate of Excellence' in anything. The closest thing I've received would be a dorm award freshman year of college when I received Virute's 'Most Likely to Grow Up, Get Married, only Realize She Was Actually Related to the Guy" award, in effort to make fun of the tiny town I grew up in. (Thankfully I married cross-continentally and there's a very slim chance that award could ever be true).

Well the other night, I received the certificate you see above on my windshield. I had been at a bible study at an apartment complex for about two hours. I didn't grab it off my windshield until I was a block away, and... 

Are you ready to see what I was awarded? Excited?

Yep. I'm so honored.

Honestly, it was a big let down. I thought surely it was a nice note to be written on, of all things, a 'Certificate of Excellence'.

And not that it matters, but I know for a fact it was my first time to ever park there, I've got a sharp memory for things like this. 

Who has spare, blank, certificates just layin' around anyways?

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