Thursday, November 10, 2011

23rd birthday.

So Monday was my 23rd birthday and it seems like just yesterday it was my 22nd. Last year, Jonny flew to Tulsa to be with me on my birthday. I cannot explain how wonderful it is that we no longer have to travel across states and seas to see one another! 
I love being married.
Jonny woke me up with Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday" and it's been in my head all week. I'm starting to get weird looks.
Have a listen.
 Monday night I came home to a wonderful candlelight dinner.
Now not just any kind of dinner, Jonny made Yaki Mandu. If you know me very well, you know that I love Yaki Mandu...well my Grandma Voncine's version anyways. I've probably never had authentic, Korean, Yaki Mandu. Grandma Voncine often makes it for me on my birthday, but my sweet husband took it upon himself to make it for me this year!
It's kind of like a spring roll but much heartier. He even made peanut sauce to dip.
Everything was delicious!
 Here is the Yaki Mandu in the Fry Daddy that Jonny bought just to make this meal.
After dinner, we went out for ice cream pie at a new dessert place in town. He rented a movie for us and I fell asleep watching it. I think that happens a lot.
Anyways, it was a wonderful birthday, I loved everything about it!
Especially my husband.
Now, my parents were in town for the weekend to celebrate my birthday and we happened to get free tickets to the Breeder's Cup at Churchill Downs. 
Yes, we got cool wristbands.
I'm pretty sure that ten seconds after we found our seats at Churchill Downs, Dad whips around with all these goods and asks us if we need anything.
"Lollie pops? Slim-Jims?"

I think they really enjoyed it, and that was enough for me!
I think I kinda froze, but my husband was hot (or so he says) and he kindly gave me his coat.
The next day we took some time to explore Louisville with mom and dad. We went to some touristy places and well, see for yourself...

Saturday we went to a neat restaurant where we got some fried Plantains. I don't think anybody liked them except me. Yumm.

 I opened a few presents, and was so happy to receive this beauty.
Thank you to everyone in my family who contributed! I can't wait to start sewing.
Just gotta figure it out first!
And I'm just throwing this one in for laughs. Right before this picture was taken he said,
"Man, thats the purtiest rooster I ever saw."
Dad bought this coin at a thrift store on Saturday.
I also received a lovely package from my in-laws that included British sweets and slippers which have been on my feet pretty much since I got them.
It was a very happy birthday.

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