Wednesday, November 16, 2011

fa la la la la...

Yes, we are those people who already have our tree up. Actually, for nearly a week now our tree has been up. And I tell ya, it has been a joyous week. Almost every night we stretch out across our couch with some sort of hot drink and talk about our day in the glow of the tree. And last night we watched the original version of Miracle on 34th Street. 
So here it is,
 Yes it's 9ft and touches our ceiling. He'll never trust my height judgements again! But,in my defense, it does fit!
So, if you are one of those teetering on wether or not to get the decorations out...just go for it. 
I think you'll be happy with the decision!

Oh and here is a camera phone shot of Jonny after we miraculously fit the tree inside our car last week. We didn't really think about that part and there wasn't much space left for us!

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