Wednesday, November 02, 2011

hello my name is.

I work in the public school system of Jefferson County. I am at a different school each night of the week. At each program we ask families to wear name tags just to help everyone out. There's A LOT of people at some of these programs, and my brain just can't handle everything at once. Especially, all those names... I'm really bad at them. If I'm not wearing a name tag, the kiddos are quick to remind me. 
"Uh, Mrs. Janaye why you don't have your name tag on?" 
Well I'll tell you what happens folks. I am convinced by the adorable little ones to make a name tag for myself yet again.
A few hours later, the program is over, we all part our ways and I go off the clock and yep, you guessed it, with my name tag on. 

This has happened too many times now. I've heard things like, "Sweetie, you're walking around with a name tag on" from a stranger at the grocery store.

I've left it on during my Monday night bible study

And just tonight I went in to Jonny's work wearing it. (He let me know that already knows my name.)

Well, maybe one day I'll catch on. 

Hello my name is Janaye and I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!

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