Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A trip to Rockport, Indiana.

This past weekend Jonny and I met up with my grandmother and her husband in Rockport, Indiana. Now, the significance of Rockport is that it's the ol' stomping grounds of this man.
And there he is on the steps of his old high school. 
Rockport is a quaint little town on the banks of the Ohio River. It is not only the ol' stomping grounds of Don but also 
Mr. Abraham Lincoln. 
We met him. And he was so nice as to take a picture with us.

There was a museum of sorts in commemoration to the time of Lincoln with old log cabins, memorabilia,  and even the ever so popular face-in hole picture stands, of which we can never resist to make use of!

 Grandma was delighted to see the type of books she read as a child. Fun with Dick and Jane.
And say what you will, but I actually love this idea, and I kind of even like the robe!

 Jonny was fascinated by this old machine that takes the corn off the cob.
He looks so pleased with his work.

On our last day in Rockport we visited with Don's family for their annual reunion. It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of food. We are so thankful to have spent the weekend with them. We also got to watch the Cardinals when the World Series with Don and his two brothers who take baseball very seriously!

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