Monday, November 28, 2011


Well folks, I ashamedly do not have many photos to share of our trip to Missouri for Thanksgiving. We did, however, thoroughly enjoy ourselves. 
We left Wednesday around lunch time, and sure enough our stomachs were growling as soon as we got out of Louisville. Have no fear!! We packed a lunch. And Jonny proceeded to eat it while driving using torn out pages of a magazine for a bib.
Have a look for yourself. Captured by my not so snazzy camera phone.
Needless to say, the 8 hour drive was amusing, I'm thankful for a husband that can always make me smile! About halfway there, Jonny looked at me in a panic and said, "So today is Wednesday and that means tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Do we need to have presents for everyone?"
Oh boy. 
We met Jonny's brother Ian, whom we hadn't seen since our wedding in May as well as my friend Sam. Quality time with the Maid of Honor and Best Man all in one weekend.
Upon arrival at the homestead we were greeted by two lovely deer antlers hanging in a tree. 
What can I say? My mother is a fine outdoorswoman.

The next morning I woke up early, flicked on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and got to cooking!
Forty-eight crescent rolls, two pavlovas, a large batch of candied pecans and a broccoli salad were my contribution to this year's Thanksgiving dinner(s). Not bad considering last Thanksgiving I contributed absolutely nothing. I'm learning more and more that you just have to be adventurous. Look up recipes and try them, if it doesn't work... throw it out, modify it, try try again!

So many crescent rolls, I'm sure my parents are still eating them.
The first Pavlova turned out much better than the second. Mom and I found the perfect heirloom silver platter for Pavlovas tucked away in her kitchen!
If you are American and reading this, hope you had a yummy Thanksgiving too!

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