Wednesday, November 30, 2011

don't think you're a sinner?

I've been listening to a lot of Shai Linne lately. 
Don't know who that is? No Worries. 
I didn't either before I met Jonny. When he first told me he listened to Christian Hip-Hop, I was at a loss for words. 
It is slowly growing on me. I'm talking real slow, like two years kinda slow. 
A lot of it seemed (and some still does) cheesy. A lot of it, I couldn't even decipher. But I've go to say, a lot of it is truly edifying, and also very convicting.
This week we've been listening to Shail Linne's new album 'The Attributes of God' and I really cannot recommend it enough. It's chalk full of biblical truth about the awesome, patient, sovereign, compassionate, merciful, just, faithful, jealous, holy, self-sufficient God.
The beginning of this song has a wonderful excerpt from a sermon of John Piper. It was an excellent reminder of just how sinful I am. 
Billions of people can easily think of big, disgusting habits as sinful. 
But what about your thoughts? 
Do you even give the God of the universe a thought?
Just as sinful as those big, disgusting habitual sins, is the failure to give honor to His name and the neglect to praise the glorious God. 
Here's the track.
And CLICK HERE to listen to John Piper's sermon that is used for the track's intro, "The Greatest Thing in the World"

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