Thursday, December 15, 2011


Last Saturday I volunteered at an event known as Help-Portrait. This event is hosted all around the world in 54 countries and over 1,000 locations. The idea is, provide a professional portrait session for a family or individual who doesn't have the means to do so. It's as simple as that. Those who are being photographed even have the opportunity to see a volunteer hair-stylist and make-up artist before their shoot. For many, Help-Portrait provided them with their first ever family photo. Have a look at the promo video to learn more.

I was privileged to help with this event and so thankful for my friend, and wedding photographer Julia, who invited me to be a part of it. Since Julia is a photographer and all, it would be best if you read her blog post about the day, it will give you a better idea of what my Saturday really looked like. You can find it, HERE
Below are the Louisville location volunteers and photographers.
Once again, I feel truly privileged to have been a part of this event. Because I helped the families sign up and fill out paperwork, I had the wonderful opportunity to just talk with them, and listen to their stories. Many came from shelters and the streets of Louisville, all with incredible stories that I will never forget. I'm pretty sure I kept Jonny up for a good hour that night retelling the stories I was told. And best of all, we were able to give a much cherished gift to many families this Christmas.

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