Monday, December 05, 2011

weekend recap.

Well things around here are winding down for the semester. Jonny is done with his classes/finals/papers. Hooray! I am wrapping up with programs at work, meaning Christmas vacation is just around the corner and we're excited. 
We're like holly and jolly...
merry and bright...
Do I need to go on?
We're so excited we bought a 20 ft. Christmas tree!
Just kidding. That's actually a tree at Southern. We had a look at it just before we went to Andrew Peterson's 'Behold the Lamb' concert. And can I tell you, it was phenomenal! 
So many talented musicians were on the stage all to give thanks and bring glory to God incarnate, Jesus Christ, the savior of sinners. 
Here is a great song, sung by Jill Phillips and Andrew Peterson from the set. 'Labor of Love'
 The next morning we went Christmas shopping for our families and friends. After hours spent at the mall, we stopped for some Mexican food at one of the ugliest restaurants I've ever been to. 
But it sure was yummy! 
We were there to celebrate that Jonny had completed his third semester of seminary and we look forward to several more!
And several more dips into the most incredible sauce ever. Please, if you come to visit us, insist that you are taken to Chuy's for this, Creamy Jalepeno Sauce.
They also call it liquid crack. No joke.

And we sat with this guy lurking over our shoulders. Very creepy.
Not so holly and jolly.
And we finished off the weekend, or more like I, finished off the weekend with some baking. 
Two new recipes, one for Raspberry White Chocolate muffins
and another for these, Chewy Chocolate Meringues.
About half of the recipe turned out right, the other half were kinda stuck to parchment paper!

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