Monday, January 16, 2012

do not pass go, do not collect $200

So last night, I'm sitting on the bed and Jonny enters the bedroom.
He comes to the edge of the bed and gets down on his knees and
bends towards me with his hands folded in one another and says, 
"How much do you love me? Would you do anything for me?"
I'm just trying so hard not to smile,
 wondering what he could possibly have in mind.
He wouldn't budge and tell me, until I answered his question.
I finally broke down and said "Yes, of course."
I should have known it was nothing serious.
He said, "Would you play Monopoly with me?"
So we played two player Monopoly. 
And I actually loved it.
I usually dread games that require me to think. And I usually unashamedly proclaim that I will loose and there's just really no point. 
So we brushed up on our knowledge of the game and began.
And I'm not even kidding, I was winning by round one. 
Jonny had little hope of recovering from the get go. 
I sneakily kept notes of the hilarious comments Jonny was making. 
He doesn't like to loose. 
Here's just a few, 
  • "This game is awful."
  • "You're a fat cat."
  • "Can you take loans in Monopoly?"
  • "I hate this game."
  • "I'm making it through, buying the bread." Every round, when he nearly went bankrupt.
  • "I want to go to jail! At least it's free to go there!" (Because he kept landing on my expensive properties)
  • "Will you let me take a loan, pleeeeease? I don't want it to be over!"
  • With a priceless expression on his face, "Oh, think you're cool because you own boardwalk, do ya?"
  • "A Chance card! That's what I need in life, a chance!"
  • My personal favorite, "Community Chest is rarely good because you're the only other person in the community and you're a scrooge!" 

Never a dull moment.

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