Monday, January 16, 2012

trenton turned ten, and some other cuteness.

January 15, 2002
My new best friend was born.
So what if I was 13 and he didn't even know me?
He learned quickly that we would be inseparable.
And we were, for quite a while.
I remember exactly what I was wearing when we met that night he was born.
A grey sock cap with my shoulder length, permed hair sticking out of it.
(Yes mother, I should have listened to you and never got one.)
A yellow and navy-striped rugby polo under a
(this is the best part)
black zip-up hoodie, embellished with a bedazzled 
statue of liberty on the back of it.
Oh and I almost forgot, high top Reebok basketball shoes. 
Yikes. Oh the trials of an awkward teenager.

But Trent didn't mind. As I said, we were practically inseparable. Before he was a month old I taught him how to wiggle his eyebrows up and down. 
Here we are just after he started Kindergarten. There's a bandaid on his cheek because he just got smacked by a golf ball (total accident).
And here he is again this past Christmas, with his beloved BB Gun. 
He doesn't weigh much more now than he did in Kindergarten, but he is always growing taller. 
And, unfortunately, he doesn't think I'm as cool as I was back then,
when we were inseparable. 
Maybe I should bring back the embellished, bedazzled statue of liberty hoodie?

Regardless, I love him just the same! And miss him (and his siblings) everyday!
Jonny and I called him yesterday, it went like this...
Trent- "Hello"
J+J- "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...(we sang the whole thing)
Trent- "Yep, it sure is. January 15, 2002. That's the day I was born.
Janaye- "Yes, I remember it like it was yesterday."
Trent-"Yep, me too."
Jonny- "You do? What were you doing that day?"
Trent- "My mom was in the hospital, duuuhhhh."
Janaye- "Well what are you doing today?"
Trent-"Drinking a Dr. Pepper."
Janaye- "Okay, well I love you. I miss you. Wish I could celebrate with you today."
Trent-"Yep, love ya too. Bye."
He was more interested in the presents he needed to open. 
I mean, if I was ten I probably would be too.

Growing up way too fast! Sniff.
And that is why I am thankful for sleepovers! The last few times Jonny and I have
visited my family in Missouri, Trenton and his sisters have come over for a sleepover.
Trenton faking to be asleep. Emma laughing at Trenton faking. And Miranda, just always so sweet.
He actually slept with his new BB Gun by his side. 
(Don't be alarmed, I made sure it was not loaded)
 See, Trenton and Emma are fakers. Miranda is just adorable.
Trenton may be too cool for me, and Emma is attached to Jonny's hip, but I still have Miranda's loyalty.
So we make brownies together.
the end.

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Kate Murray said...

Haha, Janaye, I could sit down with a cup of tea and some biscuits and flick through your blogs all afternoon. What have I been missing out on all this time?!


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