Wednesday, January 04, 2012

"It'll rip your arm plumb off."

For Christmas my mother surprised me with
(well she knew I wanted one, but I definitely wasn't expecting to get it...)
a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. 
It is a beautiful machine, I tell ya.
What I'm about to share with you is slightly embarrassing, but it's just gotta be shared.
Jonny happened to capture me, on video, gawking over the Kitchen Aid right 
as my father chimed in with his ever-so-common,
words of wisdom.
(It's embarrassing because, well who likes to see themselves gawking? Or even just hear their recorded voice? Not me.)
But here we go. If you know my dad, you know the following is classic Jeff Abramovitz material.

It's like in 'A Christmas Story' when Ralphie wants the Red Rider BB Gun
and everyone is telling him he'll shoot his eye out.
But the irony is folks, I got a BB Gun when I was seven
and now, at 23, I'm being warned/quizzed of the hazards of everyday kitchen appliances.

Ho hum.

Now that wasn't all the fun. Mom loved the sweater we got her.
Dad loved his books about guns that we got on our trip to the Frazier Museum.
And so did every other male in the family.
Jonny got some "man" shoes.
And a manly drill.
Jonny's parents sent us lots of goodies too.
The cutest sewing box and loads of little sewing necessities.
Jonny got his wish of a balaclava. 

Many wonderful British goodies.
Including the delicious Percy Pigs, and Tayto and Crunchie.

1 comment:

Gregg Kite said...

Haha. Your dad is hilarious.

Also, as soon as I read the title of the post I immediately thought "A Christmas Story." Classic.


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