Thursday, January 05, 2012

pieces of the puzzle/embrace the camera

The summer we met, Jonny gave me a 50 piece John Deere jigsaw puzzle as a joke.
When we were engaged we completed a 1000 piece of Noah's Ark.
We put two jigsaws on our wedding registry, 
but I think people didn't take us seriously...
But we are serious.
We really enjoy putting these together. I think it's the sense of accomplishment when it's finished?
Or my love for very monotonous tasks?

And so, my loving husband got me a 1000 piece puzzle for Christmas.
It's actually pretty funny that he ended up getting me a puzzle, I searched and searched for one particularly difficult puzzle to give him. 
And failed. Oh well, next year?
So last night we set out to tackle the new puzzle. 
(Yes, I know Jonny's expression is priceless, he is always pulling faces)
Armed with hot cocoa and a pint of Graetor's Strawberry Chip Ice Cream(my favorite).
No, we didn't eat it all.I definitely could've though. Just sayin'
We did however, laugh...a lot.
You see Jonny, (as with most things) has puzzling down to a science.
Where I, (as with most things) have no science at all. I don't even like science.
But I'll give it to him, 
You probably need a science to finish this puzzle.
It's pretty similar to this one.
After much laughter and a little frustration,
more laughter
and sore necks.
We completed the puzzle border.
Ta Da!
happy Thursday everybody.


Jordyn said...

Such a cute little post! You have inspired me to go find a fun jigsaw puzzle like this one! I haven't done one in SO long!

Jordyn said...

.............ALSO I am a Missouri girl, too!!!! :)

Nicole said...

that's so awesome that you live in the ozarks! we loved it there!! really wanna go back.

and doing things together with your best friend is so amazing. hubs and i love reading together and watching movies. so many great memories.



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