Friday, February 03, 2012

And so it begins...

Yes, Christmas break is long over. Our tree is put away and Jonny tells me it is also time to put the wreath away(sad). I've been back at work since January 2nd and it has been extremely slow. Jonny has been keeping up with his studies and working a good amount of hours at the cafe on campus. 
But this week, it all began to pick up. Jonny now has class all of Tuesdays and Thursdays. He has worked every other morning, bright and early (actually it's still dark when he leaves). This morning he is at pastoral apprenticeship at our church but I think it's safe to say he'll be ready for a nap when he gets home. 
Now, instead of eating breakfast together we can leave morning notes to each other. 
Isn't my husband a sweetie, cutting up the cantaloupe for me?

Work went from being incredibly slow to incredibly fast pace about two days ago. I didn't even see it coming. So, while both of us are busy juggling our schedules, what perfect timing for me to start a class at the Seminary Wives Institute all about managing time wisely? With assignments like evaluate our personalities (Jonny and I are exact opposites, surprise:), clean out a "junk drawer" and begin a home organizing planner, I am hoping that it does some good. I wouldn't say I'm unorganized, in my head our home is organized. But who couldn't use some overhauled organizational skills, huh? 

Mrs. Mohler (quoting someone else) made the statement,
 "Hard work is easy work not done at the right time." 
And all I could think about were our dirty dishes! 
Anyways, the class should have it's interesting tid bits but I'm really looking forward to taking some Bible classes at some point.

Happy Weekend Everybody!

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