Tuesday, April 03, 2012

march madness.

This month has flown by.
I should probably just come to terms with the fact that every month flies by
and stop saying it again and again.
Here in Kentucky, March means one thing...basketball.
That's all good and fine, but this year 
the University of Louisville and 
the University of Kentucky
both made it to the final four of NCAA tournament.

Which really means nothing to Jonny or I.
But people around here have gone crazy. 
Violent even. 
Two old men at a dialysis appointment got in a fist fight over the rivalry. 
(reported the paper)
You even have to be careful what colors you wear 
so that no one will associate 
your outfit for loyalties.
Thankfully, the civil war ended Saturday when Kentucky beat Louisville. 
And last night, Kentucky beat Kansas for the title.
Not sure if we could handle anymore of the "madness"
However, our life has been quite simple.
Our routine is still much the same. 
Jonny has classes twice a week,
he's made it over the "hump" of the semester.
Soon he will have finished two years of seminary!
I work Monday-Friday, and look forward to the weekend
 when I can cook, clean, craft, bake, garden etc.
We have a green card interview at the end of the month to validate that our marriage is legitimate and not for convenience. 

Thursday we are leaving for...
We are going to visit my family for Easter.
Can't wait to see the little munchkin cousins,
possibly go camping, 
definitely go fishing, 
and visit with family that we haven't seen since Christmas.

Hopefully I'll take lots of pictures to share. 
I've been pretty bad at blogging lately.

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