Monday, April 09, 2012

fishing, camping, coffee.

This weekend we made the trek to the southwest corner of Missouri.
We left Louisville at 5pm,
gaining an extra hour we arrived in Pulaskifield around midnight.
We decided to go fishing and camping the next day.

Cast after cast and the fish just weren't biting.

Guess they don't like those Canadian nightcrawlers? 

We ended the fishing with the one and only big catch of the day.
Then we headed to Roaring River to camp for the night. 
We finally put our tent to use for the first time. 
It was freezing, we can't wait to do it again with summer evening temperatures!

Camping just wouldn't be camping without grilling on the fire pit. 
Dad cooked bratwurst and warmed beans in the can.

After we all froze through the night. 
(FYI-mom and dad were sleeping on an air mattress in the open air and woke up around 5am to a layer of dew on their blankets.)
We packed up early and headed home for Easter festivities.
On the way home, mom tried brewing coffee in this vintage coffee-to-go kit that I have kept from my great-grandmother. It's been in my trunk for over a year.
It comes with mugs, spoons, containers for milk and sugar, and the maker itself.
It has a regular plug-in and an adapter for the car's lighter outlet. 
We had it plugged into the outlet the entire drive home 
but the coffee never brewed. 
When we got home mom plugged into the wall and wouldn't ya know, it worked!
I think it's the coolest thing ever, not exactly functional without the working adapter, but oh well!

We left Sunday after lunch at my grandma's house. 
With a record time of 7hrs 55mins, we got home at 1am.
A weekend of hardly any sleep... very much worth it.

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