Sunday, April 15, 2012

what's cookin'?

This week, 
I've spent more time in the kitchen
probably more than any other week of our marriage, 
or even in my life.
It's really no big accomplishment when you consider
how little I was in the kitchen before marriage.
But nonetheless, I see it as a grace from God that
he is growing me in this area and I'm sure Jonny does too!
I've never been a great organizer...
and I always seem to mess something up big time.
But this week, no huge disaster.
There was lasagna, salad, roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, yorkshire puddings, 
a pavlova, two pizzas, ham and beans and a new cornbread bake recipe, broccoli-cheddar soup, 
pig cake, and chocolate chip cookies 
(the last two were for a church function).
And you'd probably think Jonny and I gained 10 pounds by reading that
but trust me, it was not just for us!

We were delighted to host one of Jonny's friends from N. Ireland this past week
for the Together for the Gospel conference.
That's him above about to eat the pavlova.
Going directly from the lack of sleep we got over Easter weekend in Missouri, 
to a jam-packed week of Together for the Gospel.
I. am. exhausted.
I'm sure Jonny is too.
Although, he says we should be back to normal now after two good sleeps.
Well, maybe he is, but I certainly am not!
Eight straight days of going to bed around 1AM  and early rising really wears on you, 
I have no idea how I did that nearly every night of college.

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