Thursday, May 24, 2012


Which is, 'Good morning' in Greek.
I've been dreaming about Crete lately.
Probably because I can't believe it's been 
a year since we were on our honeymoon there.
Partially because I'm realizing more and more that
love to be near the ocean.
And Kentucky is pretty land-locked *just fyi*
And partially because, 
at the Farmer's Market on Saturday that we spotted a stall selling baklava.
(We ate a lot of baklava on our honeymoon.)
So we walked over to the stall only to discover that 
the family was selling all sorts of Greek goods!
And the man helping us definitely had the right accent.
So, I just asked, boldly, *because I'm not a fan of talking to strangers much*
"Are you from Greece?"
And can you guess what he said?
"I was born on the island of Crete."
He sure was! He sounded like every Cretan we had spoken with those two weeks.
So my heart drifted away to dreams of Elounda.
Which, is where that man actually lived some of his life.
It's a small world when you meet a man from Elounda, Crete
in a church parking lot of Louisville, Kentucky folks.
I so badly wanted to say "kalimera" to him
but there was never the right time. 
I did name drop 'Spinalonga' a small island that we visited just off the coast.
in hopes of some free baklava. *just kidding*
He let us know where his stall could be found every day of the week!
We'll be seeing him again.
Until then, I'll just be day dreaming of this, 

I'm banking on, if we live to be together for 50 years, 
Jonny will take me back there.


Dana-Marie Kirkland said...

What a PERFECT place for a honeymoon! Wow, that is gorgeous. I must go there someday *bucket list*

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

I love love love these photos! Visiting from Casey Leigh and loving your blog so far! Off to read some more. :) Happy weekend, sugar! xo


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