Friday, August 10, 2012


So the Mr. has been working a whole lotta nights lately 
and I've not had a whole lotta energy these days.
Well, tonight this resulted in looking through lots and lots of old pictures.
It's funny all the things a picture can do to you...
they can certainly make you laugh, 
and even shed some tears, 
but tonight, more than anything, they've made me incredibly grateful.
 Grateful for parents who have been married 26 years this week.
 For little ones I love and miss so incredibly much.
For the summer road trip to Maryland that changed my life forever.
Because I met this guy who makes me smile, A WHOLE LOT.
For the friends I've known...always.
And for the ones I've learned lots of life lessons with.
To me, pictures are worth a whole lot more than a thousand words.

1 comment:

Kate Murray said...

ah Janaye, this gives me goosebumps.


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