Saturday, August 18, 2012

body building or baking?

So, I've still been lacking energy lately...
but yesterday I discovered something that can put some pep in my step.
One of my friends, Emily, shared with me a recipe that she found on pinterest.
Click on the link just above to get the recipe. 
That woman is a genius if she invented these herself, but I'm not sure if she did. 
Anyways, I'm just glad Emily stumbled across them
and shared the yummy goodness with me!
Seriously, these are delicious.
And the ingredients won't make you regret eating say, more than four in one sitting...

You'll need, 
(I used raw honey because that's all I had)
-Peanut butter
-Flax seed
(I did not use ground flax seed as the recipe calls for)
-a little vanilla extract
-Chocolate chips (optional)

I had everything other than coconut and flaxseed to make these wonderful things. 
So I took off to Whole Foods. I looked at ground flax seed for a while until
a nice employee came up to me and said, 
"Do you have any questions about the flax seed, ma'am?"
I said, "Well do you have any not ground?"
To which he thought it was necessary at this point to ask, 
"Will you be using it for body building or baking?"
I thought to myself for a moment, 
"Could I actually be taken for a bodybuilder?"
Hahaha. No way.
Well, the obvious answer 
(but not so obvious, because, after all these are NO-BAKE bites)
was baking, and the nice man showed me to the flax seeds in the unground form.

The biggest plus of all about these bites???
Jonny loves them.
Happy husbands are a good thing.

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Bethany Meacham said...

Yay thanks for sharing! I am gonna have to make these! The extra energy Might come in handy while I'm single mom-ing it while Jon's in Africa. :)


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