Thursday, August 23, 2012

"I just love this place"

 This past Saturday we went somewhere I've been wanting to go for over a year now.
Falling Rock Park aka Joe's Quarry.
Joe owns this rock quarry about 25 minutes east of Louisville.
Until three years ago it was only used as a scuba diving training facility.
Apparently there is an old cop car at the bottom of it, and other hidden treasures to explore.
 But fortunately for us, Joe has opened it up for the public to enjoy.
And we did.
Not just anyone is allowed though, Joe wants to make it clear that there are restrictions
(see below)
Now before you assume we came to the quarry to go swimming, think again.
That's right, no swimming allowed.
So you say to me, "Janaye, what do you do at the quarry then?"
And my answer to you is...
You float.
The quarry, being a scuba diving facility, is quite deep and Joe takes no chances.
You sign a release form when you enter saying basically, if you die, Joe is not responsible.
We actually witnessed Joe kick someone off his property for failing to remain on their float.
There are a couple small cliffs that you can jump off of
provided your float is ready for you when you come back up!
We just lounged around though. And I kept looking at Jonny with a huge grin on my face saying, 
"I just love this place." 
 Summer in Louisville is a little sweeter now,
now that I know of a body of water to go to.
Before Louisville, I spent many of my summer weekends at Table Rock Lake.
So this will just have to do as a substitute.
 And it probably doesn't hurt that for some reason, I am positive, 
that my dad and Joe would be great friends if they knew each other.
Owning a rock quarry would be my dad's dream job, 
and he would so have signs like Joe's.
You pay an admission fee and I guess people were sneaking in through trunks last year.
That's inconsiderate. And that is not tolerated.
(I did accidentally trespass on some property, but that's a story for another time)
We ended the day camping out. Jonny grilled hamburgers
and Joe came by to make sure we had enough fire wood.
Being a quarry, the ground we were sleeping on wasn't exactly soft so
we ended up sleeping inside sleeping bags on top of our rafts.
Surprisingly comfy.
And I looked at Jonny and said with a huge smile on my face 
"I just love this place!"
We will be back.

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