Friday, October 12, 2012

busy getting bigger.

So the month of September came and went, 
It's already the middle of October now, 
things get pretty around here in the fall.
These are the trees that line a nearby street.
Even though Fall is beautiful, I did listen to Christmas music today...don't judge. 
(***I have the the best husband who knows how to get me smiling, 
and sends me links to recommended Christmas cd's on Amazon.)
We are currently negotiating a date to put up the Christmas tree.

I have so much more energy now than I did during the first trimester.
We've been waiting for this to happen.
And by "we" I mean Jonny. 
The poor guy probably thought I was never going to bake or clean again.
Pretty much every morning now I say to him,
"I'm definitely bigger than yesterday."
To which he raises his eyebrows in agreement.

My next appointment is Monday, pretty sure I will finally be over my pre-pregnancy weight.
At the first two appointments I weighed under my weight, 
I've always weighed the same, since like age 15.
Then I dropped in early pregnancy, 
because. I. hated. food.
But these days I'm embracing change in the belly region,
(and I'm hungry all the time).

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