Friday, October 26, 2012

my quotable husband.

Just so you know, as I write there's beef stew on the stove. 
This beef stew smells amazing, and the aroma is filling the whole apartment.
 I kinda feel bad I'm the only one who's experiencing it right now.

But I'll get to the point of this post now,

I want to take some time to share some of the funny things Jonny has said lately. 
I don't want to forget these quotes,  so I figure if I put them on the interweb, 
I can be reminded of them every now-and-again, 
and smile almost as big as I did the first time I heard them.

Quote #1
If you know Jonny, you know he likes cookies, right?
Well, I haven't made him cookies in a good while.
(**Today I did make 9 dozen chocolate chip cookies but they were for my students...not Jonny.)

However, the other day I had made some chocolate popcorn, and he quickly finished an entire (BIG) bowl! 
To this he said, 
"I like treats, so make me treats, but with treats...treat me like a dog. Just portion some to me in a bowl everyday but keep the rest in a secret place."

No joke.
So since then I've been trying to hide "treats"
but he found some in the in the dishwasher that we never use, I need to find a better spot.

Quote #2
On Monday nights Jonny makes dinner because we have to leave for 
a class we're taking 15 minutes after I get home from work.
This past Monday night, the meal was particularly bland.

As we noticed it's blandness Jonny blurted out, 
"Over the next 50 years while I'm trying to master Hebrew, will you master the spice cabinet and know to add a bit of this, and a bit of that so that I can have a party on my tongue every night!?"

How can I say "no" when he words it like that?
I married a man who makes me laugh all the time. 
Even when he doesn't mean to.
Like today, when I received this text message.
Totally thought he was talking about a family called the Walker's.
But no...

He makes me smile.

And I just realized this post reminds me of this one.

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Kate Murray said...

haha! this is great, you guys are great!


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