Friday, November 16, 2012

merry and bright.

We are well into the holiday season around here.
We decided to put the tree up, ohhh about two weeks ago today.
I don't know what came over Jonny, 
Halloween happened and he said to me, 
"I guess we could put the tree up anytime now."
Um... ya... okay, let's do it! 
He had been telling me we definitely couldn't put it up until after my birthday, Nov. 7th.
But my man musta been feelin' festive.
It's pretty funny, 
when our tree goes up, 
its a pretty sure shot that if you're looking for either of us, 
you can find us in the living room
admiring it's glow
and singing
"Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree"
(okay, the singing is an exaggeration...but nothing else).
We got a new loveseat too, which makes the living room extra cozy.
Let the Christmas movie marathons begin!
Do you have any favorite Christmas movies? 
We're open to suggestions!

I know a lot of you are probably thinking, she. is. nuts. But hear me out here, 
we're out of town for Thanksgiving, visiting family. 
And we're visiting family again for two weeks at Christmas/New Year's
so really I'm not nuts.
Just trying to maximize our time under the glow of the tree guys....that's all!
And one day, when we don't travel for the holidays but family comes to our house, 
we'll give Thanksgiving a real chance, 

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