Monday, November 05, 2012

hanging out in the great smokey mountains.

This weekend Jonny took me to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. 
We've been wanting to visit since we've lived in Louisville
and my wonderful husband figured my 24th birthday would be just the occasion.
We left Friday afternoon and got back Sunday night.
It was such a fun weekend.
We soaked up, what very well may be, our last getaway as just the two of us.
Our little BOY should be here in March.
I cannot even explain to you how much I laughed and smiled over the weekend, 
we just had a great time together.
This semester has been incredibly hectic, we both have busy schedules 
and on a good week are fortunate to spend one night at home together. 
So a whole weekend of uninterrupted time with my best friend was perfect.
(Try to ignore the fact that my coat is now too small, thanks to baby boy.)
Before you get into the actual park there is a town called Gatlinburg.
It's a quaint town full of neat shops and touristy things; 
just before you get into Gatlinburg there is a town called Pigeon Forge.
That place is the equivalent of Branson, Missouri,
full of cheesy shows, go carts, restaurants and other things that suck your money.
But, finally you reach nature, preserved from the gimmicks of man
 and it is an overwhelming breath of fresh air.
We saw at least 30 turkeys, 
And a bear cub napping in a tree. 
Well...let me rephrase that. I saw the bear cub.
Jonny forgot his glasses!
*Just a little FYI*
The Great Smokey Mountains are home to the second tallest peak in the eastern United States.

And lest you think we didn't document baby boy's trip to the Smokey's, 
think again.
He managed to show up quite obviously in this silhouette!
Ahh, the mountain breeze was so refreshing and the views weren't too bad either.


Kate Murray said...

love love love!

Sarah said...

Congrats on the baby boy! You will LOVE being the mother of a baby boy... there's nothing greater than a mother-son bond and they are just so sweet! Cute blog! :)


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