Monday, January 14, 2013

we are still here.

My mom asked me today, 
"Have you done a blog lately?"
No mom.
No I haven't.
I've had every intention to, I just haven't.

Kinda like vacuuming my kitchen, I've had every intention to, I just haven't.

(Yes you heard right, I vacuum the kitchen. Don't you? It's the latest rage!)
(Okay, just kidding, our kitchen is carpeted and...I love it...not.
But it's a kitchen so I have no reason to complain!)

We are thirty weeks along in this pregnancy. 
Progressing nicely.
It seems painfully slow, but we're progressing nonetheless.

When I say painfully slow, I guess I really don't mean it.
Yes, I feel like I've been pregnant forever but really, 
there's no nee to be dramatic.

The truth of the matter is, we are so excited to meet our little boy and we
only have to wait about two months now. 
A third of our bedroom is overflowing with baby stuff.
His dresser is full of clothes.
His changing table is full of diapers (cloth and disposable).
All his blankets are washed and put away.
We are ready for this precious gift!

Soon I will post pictures of his little nursery-nook.

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