Saturday, February 09, 2013

doughnuts and rugby and melodrama

This morning we're making doughnuts.
By we I mean me and John Mayer, 
and The Fray
and Matt Wertz
and Oasis
and Matt Nathanson
and all the other artists that are included in the first ever Pandora station I created when I was 18.
Clearly, I was into the melodramatic ballads back then.
Oh, flashback...

It was my first time to make doughnuts, 
I finally put the doughnut pan Jonny bought me to use.

*Let's be clear, I never asked for a doughnut pan, this was Jonny's way of telling me
he would like me to make some. Once he saw that there was such a thing, 
he was on a quest to get me one.

Can I just say, doughnut batter is not what I thought it would be like.
It's actually...doughy (makes sense right?)
I just thought it was going to be runnier, and easier to pour into said doughnut pan.
So I thought I'd messed up and created a disaster,
but to my surprise they came out of the oven "springy" 
just as the recipe said they would!

This is what we were listening to before Jonny left to help some of our friends move.
There's this rugby thing going on these days, 
the six nations.
And Jonny felt the need to belt out Ireland's anthem this morning.
But it's okay
because we have doughnuts...


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