Tuesday, February 05, 2013

he hugged my feet goodbye

Went to the doctor yesterday.
All is well with mama and baby.
We are so ready to meet our little guy-but understand he has a little more growing to do.
Though I'm not sure there is any more room for growing.

I scheduled all my appointments until March 14th, which is five days before he is due.
That makes it feel like he's going to be here so soon.

Sleeping is becoming an issue. Last night I slept with my head at the foot of the bed, 
there is no explanation for this, but it really helped.
Funny thing is...when Jonny was leaving this morning around 6:30
 he hugged my feet goodbye before realizing.

The doctor says I should bring in a birth plan next appointment which means I need to start writing one.
I've done plenty of reading and thinking about the birth, 
but writing it down seems like a huge task. 
(I know its really not, just allow me to exaggerate please).

***To any pregnant mommas reading this who are planning to breastfeed,
you should be in the know that your health 
insurance provider may purchase a breast pump for you, 
which is GREAT news, those things are expensive!
They see it as preventative care since research shows
 breastfed babies and mommas tend to have fewer health issues.
Just one more way we see the Lord providing for us and this baby

Now my lunch break is over, back to work, where I'm told every day by 
middle school children
"your belly is getting bigger"
as if I didn't notice.

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