Wednesday, February 13, 2013

strolling smoothly along, 35 weeks

See what I did there?
with pictures of our new stroller
and a yummy smoothie.
Ha, I'm so cheesy.
But really, these are two things I'm excited about.

Picture #1
Last week, we received a huge blessing from our parents in the form of the stroller you see above.
This thing is awesome!
It is 'travel system' which means a car seat is included.
It took all of ten minutes to take out of the box and figure out.
Which is such a relief since I've experienced a few 'travel systems'
in my day that have been nothing short of a headache.
We are incredibly thankful! And so excited to stroll our little guy around.
The next morning, while I was getting ready, 
Jonny was just wheeling it around the apartment.
We'll just call it practice.

Picture #2
I've never been a fruit person.
Ask my mom.
Ask my dad.
Ask my husband.
I just don't really care for the food group.
And people have looked at me funny all my life when I've told them so.
But in our birthing class, the Bradley Method
we were given nutrition trackers to...well, track our nutrition.
Long story short, I was most certainly deficient in the fruits portion of this worksheet
and in need of an intervention!

So this smoothie has changed my world.
Well, ya know what I mean.
It's so simple.
*Toss a good handful of frozen fruits in the bottom of a blender.
(You can find mixed frozen fruits in the freezer section of the grocery store.
I use a combination of tropical fruits and berry blend.)
*Cover the fruit with plain non-fat yogurt.
(You could use greek, or vanilla or any flavor really, but I'm just boring)
*Top the yogurt with a handful of spinach.
(You don't even taste the stuff, talk about a sneaky way to eat your greens!)
*Just a splash of OJ...that is orange juice.
I then blend mine for a bit, before adding
*Chia seeds
*Flax seeds 
(That is until I dropped the glass container I had holding my flax seeds, 
which then shattered into a million pieces 
and left billions of flax seeds all over my carpeted kitchen. 
So I'm omitting those for now.)
*Unsweetened Coconut flakes
(I didn't start adding this until I no longer had flax seeds but boy am I glad I made this discovery, it's yum)
*Top with honey, to your own taste.

Obviously you could omit all the seeds, 
but they're good for you so check them out!
And if coconut is not your thing...that's okay too.

Today I had lunch plans elsewhere, and I'm not gonna lie, 
I kinda missed my smoothie.
Which is why I'm about to have one for dinner.

Picture #3
This needs no explanation.
Tuesday was 35 weeks.
I'm not sure if it makes me a bad momma to want him out already.
What I've read says he's developed now, 
and will just spend the rest of his time in the womb putting on weight.
So, ya, I'd love to meet him anytime now.
But I guess we'll just wait patiently.


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