Monday, February 25, 2013

cookies and plans

Jonny thinks the whole 'love languages' thing is a crock.
But I'm convinced if he had one, it might be cookies.
Cookies are in the oven.

In just a little while I'll be going to pick up Jonny from his first day of a new job at Dillards.
He has been at work since 6:30 this morning.
He's worked two different shifts at two different jobs today.
This is on top of taking a full load of classes at seminary,
taking a Physics class in order to become an accredited physical therapist in America 
(which is a long, complicated and mostly unpleasant story),
and being an incredible help to my tired, sore and heavily pregnant self. 

I am continually amazed at the man I married.
He works so hard and so diligently at all the tasks he is given.
He can get frustrated, but he doesn't complain.
And his plea?
To see this season as the loving-kindness of our God.
To rejoice in His plans for us, even though they are quite different than the ones we had.

The heart of man plans his way, 
but the Lord establishes his steps.
Proverbs 16:9

Jonny is such an undeserved gift.
How blessed I am to have a man who desires to lead our family in righteousness.
How blessed our son is to have such a father as a role model.
My heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness to God for bringing me this man!

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Kate Murray said...

This is so beautiful!


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