Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the bumps of week 36 and 37

Forgot to post last week's bump so here it is.
But this is today and we are officially full term!
Don't know if it's just the outfits, but he definitely does look lower this week.
I can only hope!
I'm having some not so pleasant feelings in my low back pretty much anytime I move.
This makes me think he has started to lower and is putting more pressure on the area.
The doctor confirmed yesterday that he is head down and not breech!
Which is an answered prayer.
I don't know why but I was nervous he wasn't. 
Don't think he'd have enough room to flip around before he arrives, even if he wanted to!
In reality we could still be a month away from meeting him, 
but we are both so eager.
Jonny wants to install the car seat.
And he is on my case about packing a hospital bag.
I just figure, if we'll be laboring at home for a long time (like we've been told to do)
I'll have something to do in between contractions.
Maybe it will keep my mind off of it??
We'll see about that.

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Kate Murray said...

eeeek! how exciting!!!


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