Tuesday, September 03, 2013

eliana & owen @ the park

A few weeks ago my friend Nishika and I 
took our little ones to the park and brought along my camera.
Jonny and I got a really nice camera for Christmas and
(to my shame) I haven't used it as often as I hoped, so far.

Eliana is adorable. She's at a great age to get sweet pictures, 
and it doesn't hurt that she's just incredibly photogenic.
Owen on the other hand, 
he drools, a lot.
The boy is teething, so rarely is there a picture these days, 
where he is not gnawing on anything or drenching it with slobber.

At some point this month, Nishika will be having another beautiful baby girl!
We love the Sequeiras dearly and look forward to seeing the Lord grow their family.

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